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Helen's story

A local Health Centre referred their patient to the EANP service after treating Helen for physical injuries that she said were the result of a fall at home. The EANP worker visited Helen at her home and found her living in a shed at the back of her own property, as her son and his partner and children were living in her house. From talking with Helen, the EANP worker uncovered that the son’s partner had physically assaulted her.  Helen had not told the doctor because her son threatened to: “put you into a rest home” if she spoke up. 

After talking together and with reassurance from the EANP worker, Helen agreed to the police being notified. The EANP worker supported her to lay a complaint and advocated for her during the investigation that followed. 

The EANP worker ensured that Helen was given access to appropriate legal advice about her property ownership rights.  Now that she understood her rights and with the supports services available, Helen considered all her options and she decided to sell.  It was negotiated that her son would find accommodation for his blended family and move out of his mother’s home.  Helen’s son was prohibited from interfering with the house sale process. 

Helen had her choices validated, was supported in defending her rights with regard to her personal safety, her well-being and her property.  Helen chose to move to an adjacent community where she could feel safe and supported and more involved with activities she enjoyed. Donate now to help us help more people like Helen. 

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