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New Zealand Superannuation

 What should the level of New Zealand Super be? How should it be set?

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

See this from Daily Telegraph
"Justice for pensioners petition: Join The Daily Telegraph's campaign to help Britain's elderly savers maintain their income through the downturn" ..."British pensioners would benefit from a suspension of tax on their savings and investments - and MPs, charities and financial experts are backing our campaign to get justice for our elderly savers...
A great initiative! See also National Business review article: Negative real interest rates sabotage savers

Submitted by Maria84 (not verified) on

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Submitted by Helen (not verified) on

If (when) there are to be changes to the level of Super (apart from cost of living increases) &/or the way it is to be calculated, there must be sufficient time for approaching retirees to budget for this.

And why oh why cannot ALL political parties agree on Super policy.

The current levels are insufficient for those who have no other income, but the country cannot afford more.

We should have had compulsory Super from way back in the 70s when it first started.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

the government steals money off the overseas pensioner. If they should have a pension from their country of origin, it is taken from them. the excuse is why should we have two pensions and the Kiwi one. Most of us have worked here for many years, and paid full taxes. Before coming to New Zealand we also paid from our wages after tax into the superannuation fund. This was after tax so that when we qualified for a pension it would be tax free, The New Zealand government steals $3hundred million tax free every year from people who are being treated as third class citisens. The Chinese are allowed to keep their pensions from China, Pansy Wong can confirm this. The Maoris have been appologised to and large amounts of money paid to their various tribes for the wrongs they suffered in the past. The Chinese had to pay a poll tax in the early 1900s, Helen Clark has also apologised to the Chinese community and a large amount of money put into the Chinese trust fund,
We have made repeated attempts to get this thieving stopped, Government before election has promised to do something when elected, only to ignore us when the take their seats in parliament.
Please can you give this abuse against us the publicity it should have

Submitted by Marie T Brophy (not verified) on

New Zealand Superannuation a Universal entitlement to every NZer aged 65 plus....being ordinarily resident in New Zealand from age 50 for 10 years or more....NZ Super is NOT ASSET OR INCOME TESTED..........THIS IS A BIG LIE.........A MYTH.......see these web sites Web sites to keep looking at

also Auckland University Research and Policy Unit Papers on migrants to New Zealand and their personal retirement savings.........being denied NZ Super .......which they have funded through all the years of living and working in NZ and paying their taxes to fund this retirement income???? i am constantly lobbying and trying to get my NZ Super reinstated and backdated.for the past 2 years......this is very very stressful as i am age 75 now..and need this money which i funded through my working life here in New Zealand for over 30 years......a terrible injustice is being perpetrated on migrants to this country...YES we are lobbying Government past and present.....the working paper is Working Paper 2009-2
New Zealand Superannuation and
Overseas Pensions:
Issues and Principles for Reform.
M.Claire Dale,2 Susan St John,3 and Michael Littlewood.4
RPRC Working Paper........this is on the Auckland University web site ..........titled International Pensions ........etc............
your web site is excellent thank you