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Report prompts aged care debate

Age Concern welcomed the national discussion on the care of older people that the Report into Aged Care stimulated.

Archive item - last updated 2010

Rest home care 

“The report gives an up to date view of consumers’ issues about rest home care,” says Ann Martin, CEO of Age Concern.  All the major issues have been identified in the report.

“The one issue we believe affects all New Zealanders, is the need to achieve a greater culture of respect for older people.  When you have a culture of respect, the person will naturally be the centre of care and consideration,” Ms Martin said today.  

“Other issues of importance are: provision of quality services, staffing, recruitment, remuneration and training, audits, transparency on fees, other models of care.

“We think the information on issues contained in the report, and the suggestions on how rest home services might be improved, will be useful to rest home owners and Government. For example, rest home owners should take note of the public’s desire for less institutionalisation and provide more of the type of care residents want.”   

Home based support 

The report also looks at home-based support services. “This is important,” says Ann Martin, “because in the future older people are more likely to need home based care than rest home care.  

“Remember, most older people live in their own homes, not in resthomes. There are over half a million older New Zealanders, but only around 42,000 people in residential care. 

“New Zealand needs a consistently available quality home-based support service to help older people age in their own homes with dignity and respect.

“Minister Ryall has identified improving home care as one of his key priorities. Where he has given priorities attention; eg elective surgery, he is making an impressive difference.  We trust he will be able to achieve an equivalent level of difference for people needing home-based care. 

"We look forward to a national discussion on all these issues.” 

> DOWNLOAD A Report into Aged Care – What does the future hold for older New Zealanders? [large PDF file 1.7MB]