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Elder Abuse and Neglect

New Zealand's leading source of support and information to counter elder abuse and neglect. Use this page to learn more about abuse, neglect, and prevention.

We must not turn a blind eye if we suspect an older person is being abused or neglected. Elder abuse is a widespread issue in New Zealand and it is time it stopped.

  • What to do if you discover someone is being abused. Click here.
  • How to identify the warning signs of elder abuse and neglect. Click here.
  • How you can challenge disrespectful attitudes towards older people. Click here.
  • More about Age Concern and our elder abuse and neglect prevention service. Click here.

Age Concern's elder abuse and neglect prevention (EANP) teams work closely with older people and their families to resolve issues of abuse and ensure it does not reoccur. Age Concern also works in communities to educate people about the signs and effects of abuse to help prevent it from happening and also how to challenge disrespectful attitudes to older people.

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Contact elder abuse and neglect prevention services

> VIEW local EANP services

Learn more about elder abuse and neglect

> VIEW  What is elder abuse?

> VIEW  Key trends

> VIEW  Faces of elder abuse and neglect - the human stories

> VIEW  More elder abuse stories

Get resources

> VIEW our Elder Abuse publications

Media resources

           > VIEW our media release on our Always Respected, Never Abused campaign for WEAAD.

           > VIEW our background information kit on elder abuse

           > VIEW the Key Trends on elder abuse

           > VIEW community activities leading up to and on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day



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