Meet the Age Concern New Zealand Board

The Board is responsible for the governance of the organisation, overseeing the performance and outcomes achieved by the management. The Board sets and monitors the strategic direction, and is accountable back to member Age Concerns. 

From left: Robert Aitken, Stephen Phillips, Adrienne von Tunzelmann (Vice President), Peter Oettli (National President), Wayne Bradshaw, Jan White, Stephanie Clare (CEO), and Mike Cohen

Age Concern New Zealand Patron:  Judge Ken Mason 

Age Concern New Zealand Honorary Solicitor:  Jock Nicolson

Stephanie Clare
 Chief Executive
Stephanie has worked in leadership roles in the NGO sector for more than 20 years. She has a background in nursing and was the Clinical Leader for Parkinson’s New Zealand before taking on this role. Stephanie hopes to  improve the lives of older people by ensuring older Kiwis are supported, recognised and fulfilled.   

Peter Oettli

National President


Peter has spent 39 years at the University of Waikato, working mainly with bright young people. While he himself became older (without noticing it!) he has become aware of the need to accord dignity, respect and              recognition to the growing older segment of our population which is a valuable resource to this country. He is committed to working to ensure that older people are not stereotyped, but given the support they need and the   recognition they deserve.

 Adrienne von Tunzelmann
    Vice President

Adrienne's inspiration to become involved with Age Concern was the privilege of supporting her parents in their older age, combined with the opportunity to contribute her experience working in government economic and    social policy to Age Concern’s key role in advocating  for policies that help ensure a good later life for New Zealand’s older population. She serves on various other boards including Age Concern Tauranga and Osteoporosis NZ                  . 

 Wayne Bradshaw


 Wayne has been on the Board of Havelock North Age Concern for 6 years and Chair for the last 4 years.Having been self-employed for most of his working life in property, hospitality, horticulture and accommodation       sectors. Wayne believes it is important to bring his skills and experience to assist and progress older persons both in his area and nationally.





Stephen Phillips


Stephen worked in local government for over 35 years and in the NFP sector for 8 years. He was Chief Executive of Age Concern Canterbury for 5 years and now sits on its board, and on a number of trusts. He understands the importance of, and is committed to, working to achieve the wellbeing, rights, respect and dignity of older people.


Robert Aitken


 Robert is an Associate Professor in Marketing at the University of Otago’s Business School.
 He first became involved with Age Concern in 2007 when he was co-opted to the national board for a two year term
 to develop a new brand position for the organisation. In 2010 he was elected to Age   Concern Otago’s board and 
 has served as Chair since March 2013.

 He is excited he can again put in his energy and contribute his experience at national level.

Mike Cohen 






Jan White
Jan has spent 40 years working in the health and disability sector predominantly in our communities and has a strong commitment to supporting   the well being of Older People.She has a long history serving on various NFP Boards and is conversant with the importance of strong ,strategic governance  to ensure organisational growth and impact .