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How Age Concern helped Mary from being Financially Abused 


After Mary’s husband passed away she hired an “odd jobs” man, named Jim, who helped her with jobs around her home and difficult gardening tasks. Jim suggested that Mary pay him by automatic payment and accompanied Mary to her bank to organise the regular direct credit to his bank account. In the autumn Jim asked if he could park his caravan at Mary’s house and stay in it, as the place he was renting had been sold. When Jim needed to replace his work van, Mary had given him a cheque for the loan as she had saved up just the amount he had asked for.


In the winter, Jim suddenly had to dash down South as he said his mother was very ill.  Letters arrived for him but Mary had no forwarding address. A repossession company then knocked on Mary’s door threatening to take away her furniture as recompense for unpaid goods and loans. Thankfully Age Concern was called in by Mary’s daughter who lived overseas.  The Age Concern worker was able to support Mary through the harrowing experience of dealing with the repossession company to disentangle her from Jim’s debts.


Mary did not see Jim again, nor any of the money she had loaned him. 


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