Here’s a little food for thought from our new positive ageing ‘cookbook’ Ageing is living: Recipes for life.


A sense of dignity, self-worth or self-respect should be one of the staple ingredients in every recipe for life.  Like rice, taro, kumara or potato it's a solid foundation to which we can add all sorts of flavours.

Having a sense of your own worth means valuing your life experience, recognising your attributes and being aware of what you have to offer others.

It also means looking after yourself, doing things that make you feel valued, and accepting yourself as you are.

  • Make a list of your attributes and of the things life has taught you.
  • Spend time with people who make you feel significant, valued, wise and respected.
  • Develop healthy eating and exercise habits and have regular health checks – because you’re worth it! 
  • If you are being treated badly by people you should be able to trust, tell somebody about it, and contact the nearest Age Concern.
  • You don’t have to buy into stereotypes about ageing – do it your way! 
  • Be true to yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Be forgiving of yourself.

He rakau tawhito, e mau ana te taitea i waho ra, e tu te kowhai.  Though the body may be infirm, the spirit remains indomitable  - Maori proverb