Here’s a little food for thought from our new positive ageing ‘cookbook’, Ageing is living: Recipes for life.


Friendship is like cream.  It adds richness to life and takes out the sting when things get too piquant.

Our friends and the networks we are part of help bring out the best in us.  They also help us get through tough times.

Some connections are made when we’re young and last a lifetime.  Others develop later in life.  It’s important to keep building new friendships, and to stay connected with the people and communities you care about.

Keep connections on the boil:

  • Friendships need constant nourishment.  Make a habit of being in touch with your friends regularly.  Try making a ‘contact diary’, otherwise one week just runs into the next.
  • Lean on your friends when you need support – this gives them permission to do the same with you.
  • Decide what communities you would like to be part of (neighbourhood, marae, church, night classes, hobby groups, social organisations) and get involved.
  • Find a hobby that brings you into regular contact with others.  It’s so much easier to get to know people through a common interest.
  • Make a point of getting to know people who are not of your generation - younger and older.  This will add even more richness and depth to your recipe for life.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light  -  Helen Keller