Here’s a little food for thought from our new positive ageing ‘cookbook’, Ageing is living: Recipes for life.

Once you add optimism to your recipe for life it flavours everything you do.  It’s a bit like garlic: eat enough of it, and it’ll come out your pores!

Being optimistic means having a hopeful and a positive outlook, especially in the face of setbacks and obstacles.  Fortunately we don’t have to be born this way - optimism is something we can learn.

Having an optimistic mindset doesn’t stop bad things from happening, but it does make it easier to get through.  It helps us bounce back, assists us to solve problems and keeps us happy.  We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by being optimistic. 

So add a dash of optimism to your recipe for life:

• Practise accentuating the positives and accepting the negatives until it becomes a habit – practice makes perfect!
• Exercise your optimism muscle every day.  Before you go to sleep each night, think of something you’re looking forward to doing the next day – like enjoying that first cup of tea.
• Focus on finding solutions whenever you encounter a problem or an obstacle.
• Smile – it will change the way you see the world.
• Keep a gratitude diary.
• Seek out optimistic and positive people – their attitude to life is infectious.
• Try to see the funny side of things.  Laugh at yourself when things don’t go your way.
• Treasure good memories and let go of bad ones.

Ageing - the golden days of life - Hindi proverb