Dr Tom Mulholland

Managing Director
KYND Wellness Limited

Dr Tom Mulholland has been an emergency department doctor for almost 30 years. He has seen countless cases of Kiwis being admitted to hospital for preventable diseases and dying younger than they needed to. For the last 5 years, Dr Tom has been travelling the country in a retro Chevy ambulance, completing medical checks in New Zealand communities to try and get people to take a preventative approach to health and wellbeing. 

Dr Tom is an honorary lecturer in Psychological Medicine, has written two internationally best-selling books and has completed talks for the likes of Google and Microsoft. In his spare time, you’ll find Dr Tom on boats to the Arctic or Antarctic region as the ship's doctor and getting amongst the wildlife.

Dr Tom’s presentation will provide the audience with tools to measure wellbeing and risk and make the most out of life.

Dr Tom wanted to be a Geriatrician when he was at medical school and won the NZ Essay Prize in Geriatric Medicine in 1985 for a study he did in his first year on Reminiscence in the Elderly.
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