Alister Robertson 

Board Member
Alzheimers New Zealand


Alister Robertson was diagnosed in 2014 with young-onset Alzheimers at the age of 60 - a similar age to his father when he was diagnosed with the same condition. Alister’s work history has been in the banking and finance industry.
Alister is a Board member of Alzheimers New Zealand and a member of the Alzheimers New Zealand Advisory Group which provides advice on the care and support needed by people affected by dementia and raises awareness by sharing their stories and identifying the issues that are important to them. 

Alister is also Chair of Dementia Alliance International, an organisation representing people with a dementia that is widely accepted as the global voice of dementia.

Alister will share about the development of an app that enables people to record and reflect the moments that weave together the stories of their lives and follow their journey back through those moments.  He wants to highlight that there are numerous paper-based methods to record one’s story or journey – but an app enables the information to be stored digitally. This makes it easier to add information over time, with the help of family and friends.
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