Dr Marama Muru-Lanning 

Associate Professor, Anthropology
Director, James Henare Research Centre
University of Auckland


Dr Marama Muru-Lanning’s work is dedicated to transdisciplinary research with Māori communities that prioritises equity.  As a social anthropologist, Dr Muru-Lanning focuses on the cultural specificity of tangata whenua groups and their unique sense of place and belonging in Aotearoa. Over the past five years Dr Muru-Lanning has also developed a passion and new approaches for researching kaumātua wellbeing with colleagues from the James Henare Māori Research Centre.
Dr Muru-Lanning’s professional expertise includes building research relationships with Māori communities, environmental anthropology, commodification, privatisation, knowledge production, kaumātua mauri ora and hauora and Chilean intercultural politics.
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