Dr Rhona Winnington

Lecturer/Student Experience Leader (Nursing)
School of Clinical Sciences
Auckland University of Technology

Dr Rhona Winnington’s experience in both Emergency Department and community palliative care has demonstrated the need for a more proactive, holistic and individualised model of care for older people, to keep them out of secondary care and the risks it can expose them to.  If we can anticipate the future needs of patients, through analysis of data, we can ensure that healthcare providers and policy makers provide the most appropriate healthcare.  Through the research she is presenting, Rhona is hoping a preventative model of healthcare and wellbeing for the older adult will be created, with the intention of reducing distress, disorientation, morbidity and mortality rates that hospitalisation can often cause. Specifically, such a pre-emptive model will produce a more coordinated model of care, reduce exacerbations of chronic conditions and decrease harm caused by some medical care. 

Rhona always go on tours of haunted locations when on holiday, just in case she sees something unusual!
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