Dr Sally Keeling

Research Associate, Health, Work and Retirement Study
Massey University

Following over twenty years of research and teaching in the field of health and social care for older people, at the University of Otago, Christchurch, Dr Sally Keeling is continuing to work as a Research Associate with Massey University’s Health Work and Retirement Study.  The paper Sally is presenting is intended to help us all think about the many different ways that population ageing impacts on workplaces of all types.  Using ‘case studies’ to work with different workplaces offers both benefits in keeping the research grounded, and challenges, especially as the researchers make comparisons and seek wider understandings.  

Sally finds it a little ironic that her field of research is so close to her experience, and further confirms her view that the term ‘retirement’ might be better spelt as ‘refirement’.  
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