Professor Vanessa Burholt BSc, PhD, FAcSS

Professor of Gerontology
School of Nursing/School of Population Health
Faculty of Health and Medicine
University of Auckland


Over the last 20+ years, Professor Vanessa Burholt has directed research projects and teams that feature arts-based research methods and co-production with older people. She was previously the Director of the Centre for Innovative Ageing at Swansea University, Director of the pan-Wales Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research and founder of the Institute of Creative Ageing Industries in Wales, UK. 

Vanessa is now working with people living with dementia in New Zealand to co-create resources that support capabilities, identity and meaning (e g social and cultural identity, roles and participation, recollection and reminiscence), rather than solely compensating for deficits. Vanessa’s research highlights older people’s attachment to other people and places and she has published on rurality, loneliness, support networks, intergenerational relationships, ethnicity and migration.  

The ‘take home’ message of Vanessa’s keynote presentation, Creative Research with Older People is that creative methods can benefit of older people in a variety of ways, through therapeutic intervention, as a method to facilitate communication and expression, and to transform society.  
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