Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention

At A Glance

Every year we provide information about the Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention services we provide and the impact our work has. It is important that all communities know that those experiencing elder abuse can access confidential and professional support services to regain their personal safety and wellbeing, and that Age Concern Staff can provide both intervention and education.

Age Concern strives to reduce the harm and distress that elder abuse causes to older people.  We advocate, support, advise, explain, and work in many more practical ways towards the changes needed to stop the harm being caused to kaumātua. We also advocate in the public and the policy arena to encourage all New Zealanders to step up to recognise elder abuse in our communities.  

Elder abuse is extremely seldom a one-off event without any previous signs or build up. But often elder abuse and neglect only becomes recognised after a series of incidents that have escalated over time. There are different types of abuse, and commonly several types occur together.

We encourage anyone to contact us as soon as they have an inkling that something may be going wrong for an older person. Age Concern offers free, confidential, specialist Elder Abuse services throughout most regions of New Zealand .

Each year we gather the statistics from all the Age Concerns that have Elder Abuse response services  to create   “At A Glance”.

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