Women's health

A wealth of information is available on women's health issues - but sometimes finding it can be difficult. We will endeavour to cover with this section of the website issues of relevance to older women in New Zealand, including Menopause, HRT, and Breast Screening and links to appropriate sites.

Websites of interest

  • Women's Health Action
    This website well worth a visit as it is an excellent one-stop-shop for women in New Zealand, and has a wealth of information on many different issues, including Screening, Breast Cancer, HRT Studies, Publications, Patient Rights and the Health System. They also feature what events are coming up and provide information on past events.
    'Women's Health Action is a charitable trust with the aims of providing women with high quality information and education services to enable them to maintain their health and make informed choices about their health care. WHA have a health promotion and disease prevention focus, with a special interest in screening. WHA approach health within a holistic framework of the whole of women's lives, rather than from a narrowly medical perspective.'
  •  Auckland Women's Health Council
    The Auckland Women's Health Council is a voluntary organisation of individual women and women's groups who have an interest in women's health issues. The organisation was formed in 1988 to provide a voice for women's health in the Auckland region and to lobby on a wide range of women's health issues. The Council has a special interest in patient rights, ethics, informed consent and decision-making in health care, advocacy and the Code of Health Consumers' Rights. The website also features newsletter articles of interest and information on current issues.

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