Finance and legal

Proper financial and legal planning will give you the best advantage if you come into financial or legal difficulty. It is important that your financial and legal plans reflect your decisions for your personal circumstances to ensure the best decision is made for you, and to do this it is suggested that you find as much independent financial and legal advice as you can. It is also important that you understand your rights and the law so that you know how to best protect yourself and what you are entitled to.

Getting financial and budgeting advice

Some financial and budgeting services can be expensive, but there are also some free or affordable options for people struggling financially. You may also be able to get free financial advice from your bank.
You can get free and confidential budgeting advice over the phone through MoneyTalks. This service is open Monday to Saturday and can be reached at 0800 345 123, by texting 4029, by visiting their website, or by email. MoneyTalks can offer you advice on the spot, or they can refer you to a financial mentor, other financial service, or the Ministry of Social Development to get you more help.
You can find general guides and information on bank accounts, cards, saving and investing, lending, payment systems, and more on the Banking Ombudsman Scheme website.

Work and Income

Superannuation and the SuperGold Card

If you are over 65, you may be eligible to receive New Zealand Superannuation and the SuperGold Card. You can find out more information on Superannuation on our page here, or at Work and Income.
The SuperGold Card is a card that offers discounts and concessions to cardholders. Cards are available for eligible older people in New Zealand as a recognition of their contribution to New Zealand society. If you are also eligible for the Community Services Card, these two cards can be combined. You can find more information about the SuperGold Card on our page here.

Financial hardship

Like any New Zealander, if you are experiencing financial hardship, you may be eligible for support from Work and Income. You can find information about what financial help you can get on our page here or at Work and Income.

Other pages

You can find information on other financial topics such as employment, insurance, reverse mortgages, and going guarantor on our money and legal page.

Legal advice

If you need legal advice, you can contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). CAB aims to help people understand what their rights are according to New Zealand law and available support. You can find your local CAB here.
If you have a low income, are unemployed, or are on a benefit, you may be eligible for free legal advice through Community Law. Community law can help with all personal legal matters except for advice on wills and trusts, and cannot witness relationship property agreements or enduring powers of attorney. You can find more information on their website.

Other pages

For more information on legal issues such as enduring power of attorney, wills, and scams, visit our money and legal page.