Recreation and leisure

Leisure time is time spent away from work, chores, sleep, and commitments. You can spend your leisure time participating in a recreational activity, which is a hobby, activity, or sport that you find enjoyment or pleasure in. Finding regular recreational outlets can improve your mood, health, social life, and stimulate your brain.

Physical activity

Many older people find enjoyment in physical activities and sport, which can help you to keep fit and healthy. You can find more information on physical activity and exercise on our page here. You can contact your local sports club or gym to see if they have social groups in your area. You can also contact your local Age Concern to find out about fitness groups in the community.


Learning a new skill, language, instrument, or hobby can be a rewarding experience. Information on where to find community classes, tertiary education, and other educational opportunities can be found on our page here.

Social clubs

Some people like to join clubs to stay social and participate in their community. Community-based charity clubs such as Rotary and Lions aim to make positive changes in the neighbourhood and further afield through volunteer work and donations. Local Friendship clubs are community-based organisations that focus on forming social connection, sharing knowledge, and taking part in activities together. The 60s Up Movement has branches throughout the country aimed at creating friendships and participating in recreational activities together. You can find out more about any of these groups by clicking on their names above. You can also contact your local Age Concern to find social opportunities in your area.


The Meetup website is a directory of local events that will be occurring soon in your area. You can browse categories or search for meet ups that you are interested in. You can also form your own event. More information can be found on the Meetup website.

Local Age Concerns

You can contact your local Age Concern to ask about any recreational activities in your area.