Having access to a bank account is important for many reasons and especially as we are experiencing a rapid shift to online purchasing and bill payments. The closure of some bank branches and the removal of cheques from the financial systems has also created a more urgent move to be able to understand online and phone banking services.

Banks want their customers to have a good banking experience. The Code of Banking Practice  sets out the principles of good banking practice. NZ banks agree to follow these good banking practices in their customer relationships.
We hope that having information about your bank will help you find the support you need. 


Who do you bank with?

Click on your bank for more information on the specific help your bank is offering older customers.



Support and education

Guidelines to help banks meet the needs of older and disabled customers
The Code of Banking Practice
Banking Ombudsman Scheme - to help you fix your banking problems (free and independent).

Scams and cybersecurity support:

 Financial Elder Abuse
 Little Black Book of Scams