Age Concern New Zealand Blog 

Age Concern New Zealand works with our policy blogger, Dr. Judith Davey to produce a fortnightly blog about ageing in Aotearoa. 
Dr Davey is a Senior Research Associate with the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington.
Dr Davey has an avid interest in older people and ageing and contributes her research, knowledge and experience through this blog.

You can take a look at the latest blog posts below or have a look at the blog website to see past posts. 

21 August 2020: Making Shopping more Age-friendly 2- Pointers for Shoppers
7 August 2020: Making Shopping more Age-friendly
24 July 2020: Covid-19 and residential care
17 July 2020: Guest blogger, Dr. Mary Breheny. Why I study older people
10 July 2020: Did you know that 19th November is Worldwide STOP Pressure Injury Day?
26 June 2020: Looking "forward" to retirement and how it differs in different countries

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