Senior Watch

Senior Watch is a weekly media round up of all the news effecting older people which covers topics such as health, housing and current events. If you'd like to recieve Senior Watch in your mailbox every Monday, you can subscribe or read the latest issues of Senior Watch below.


Senior Watch 27 September 2021
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Senior Matters

Senior Matters is our fortnightly round up of the latest news, events and media appearances relevant to older older Kiwis. You can subscribe to Senior Matters or read the latest issues of Senior Matters below.

Senior Matters 27 September 2021

Senior Matters 13 September 2021
Senior Matters 30 August 2021
Senior Matters 16 August 2021 

Appreciating Age 

The Appreciating Age newsletter is sent out to our donors and supporters ever quarter. If you'd like to recieve Appreciating Age you can sign up to become a Dignity Champion or take a look at our latest issues of Appreciating Age below. 


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