Meet our Dignity Champion, Sarah Chrisp!

For the past couple of years, Sarah has been a regular giver to Age Concern New Zealand.
We wanted to share her inspiring story.

Born and raised in Christchurch, Sarah loves the work we do with older people. She was inspired
by the life of her own grandmother, Lena. Sarah had a special relationship with Lena as she lived
with Sarah and her family during Sarah's formative teenage years. 

Sarah learnt many lessons from her grandmother, but nothing more important than the lesson of
resilience and staying positive no matter what. Sarah loves to support initiatives that help out the community
and have a special meaning to her - this is Lena's legacy.

Going the extra mile 

"If people are in a tough situation, you help out!" 

Within the first week of lockdown, Sarah thought of Age Concern New Zealand and got in touch to let us know
she was going to give extra donations to help us get through such a difficult and uncertain time.

Sarah loves to support Age Concern New Zealand and the work we do with older Kiwis, as she puts it; 
"We all face unique challenges at all ages and we all go through periods of your life where you need help." 

What can you do?

Get in touch with our national office staff about how you can become a regular donor like Sarah.
Or donate to us online.

Let's End Loneliness

Take a look at our Let's End Loneliness page to find out more information and resources on if you, or someone you know is feeling lonely.  

Do you have time for older people? 

Regular visits can make a real difference to an older person’s health and happiness, and our volunteers tell us that they really enjoy and
benefit from, their role. If you would like to spend time with an older person, and have an hour or so a week to spare, we want to hear
from you. Find out more about our Accredited Visiting Service.

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