Planning retirement

Age Concern New Zealand’s booklet titled "Ageing is Living" has some excellent information regarding planning for older age. It talks about ‘the need to include not only financial preparation, though this is obviously important, but also how to meet changing needs in relation to health, lifestyle, roles and relationships’.

Age Concern New Zealand has also produced a new Factsheet called "Facing Change: advice for families talking together about changing needs" Copies can also be attained from Age Concern New Zealand or your local Age Concern Office.
Planning for you may include the topics listed below. We have endeavoured to find websites relevant to the subjects. Let us know if you know of any others.
Topics included on Planning Ahead

Work and retirement planning

  • Commission for Financial Capability has a wealth of information that may be of assistance in planning ahead.
  • Sorted has easy to follow and understand information and advice, well worth the visit.
  • KiwiSaver account calculator - the calculator takes your personal information and uses some assumptions to tell you: the projected amount you will have; the amount you might need and whether you will have a contribution gap or a surplus, in retirement
  • Working over 65 - view Age Concern New Zealand's new Fact Sheet

HART - Health Work and Retirement - Longitudinal Study, Massey University

HART is an interdisciplinary research team which focuses on issues concerning the health, social and economic well-being of older adults.
They began a longitudinal study in 2006 that follows only 1,000 kiwis aged 50 and above. It is tracking them throughout their progression into retirement examining different aspects of their lives along the way. Recent waves in the study have observed inclusion, contribution and connection of older generations with their communities, as well as the on-going ripple effects of the Christchurch earthquakes.

They have just released their latest report 'The New Zealand Health, Work and Retirement Longitudinal Study 2006-2016'
For more information visit the HART News pages at

KiwiSaver and beyond - turning a lump sum into a smooth income.
A survey of New Zealanders approaching retirement has found one in four people are unsure of how to manage the money in their KiwiSaver funds when they reach 65.
The Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) and the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) chose Money Week 2015 to release the second wave of research into how well older New Zealanders are preparing for retirement. Download the document here.

Why you'll never be able to retire

Retirement has become an outdated concept for 140,000 New Zealanders who have reached 65 and are still clocking in to work.
And those in the workforce face a future without the dream of long holidays and time on the golf course, with just one in five people working today expect to retire by 65.
It is 17 years since compulsory retirement ages were banned by the Human Rights Act. In that time, older workers have trebled from 9 per cent of men aged 65 and over to 27 per cent.
Women in paid work aged 65-plus have leapt five-fold from just 3 per cent to 17 per cent.
Follow the link to read this NZ Herald article written by reporter Simon Collins

Successful Retirement - Healthy Ageing and Financial Security

The Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey 2017.
This report broadens the discussion about how people are financially preparing for retirement. For the first time in the survey’s history, it looks at the role health plays in people’s retirement outlook and preparations. The findings in this report are based on 14,400 workers and 1,600 retired people in 15 countries. Interviews were conducted online in February 2017.

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