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General information about the SuperGold card

What is the SuperGold card?
Who can get a SuperGold card?
Is there an expiry date on the SuperGold card?
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How much does the SuperGold card cost?
What is the SuperGold card?
More about the Veteran SuperGold card
The SuperGold card is for eligible seniors and veterans, recognising the contribution you make to New Zealand society.

The card gives you access to:

Discounts and offers from a wide range of businesses
Government funded free off-peak public transport concessions
Services and discounts from your local council.

There are two versions of the card; an “S-branded” SuperGold card and a “V-branded” Veteran SuperGold card.
The back of the card indicates whether you have entitlement to New Zealand Superannuation (NZS), the Veteran’s Pension and/or Community Services Card.
The card does not contain any personal information other than your name, client and card numbers, and any of these entitlements.
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