Elder abuse and neglect research

This research can help us all understand the many facets and implications of elder abuse and neglect.  Our communities can benefit from the learning we gain individually and share collectively. Please email  your feedback, or information on other research you think could to be included on this page.  It would be helpful if you could send the titles of articles or documents, along with their citation references. 

New Zealand publications about elder abuse

Creating opportunities to improve detection of older adult abuse: a national interRAI study BMC Geriatrics 22:220


Report: Older Māori and aged residential care in Aotearoa .Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand. 20 December
Lifetime Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence and Disability: Results From a Population-Based Study in New Zealand
- American Journal of Preventive Medicine 61(3) 320-328

Prevalence of Nonpartner Physical and Sexual Violence Against People With Disabilities - American Journal of Preventive Medicine 61(3) 329-337


Elder Abuse in Aotearoa The proposed future strategy for Elder Abuse Response Services
- Ministry of Social Development

Housing as the Base for Care and Support: Older people’s housing experiences during Covid-19
- Homes for Generations, Research Programme
Independent Review of COVID-19 Clusters in Aged Residential Care Facilities
- Ministry of Health
Kōrero Tahi:
A Pilot Project on Using Restorative Approaches for Addressing Harms Experienced by Older Persons: An Implementation and Evaluation Report - Victoria University Wellington

Making Disability Rights Real in a Pandemic
- Ombudsman
Older adults abuse: analysis of a New Zealand national dataset
- International Psychogeriatrics: 32(8)1003-1008
OPCAT COVID-19 report: Report on inspections of aged care facilities under the Crimes of Torture Act 1989 - Ombudsman
Psychological distress, anxiety, family violence, suicidality, and wellbeing in New Zealand during the COVID-19 lockdown: A cross-sectional study
- PLoS ONE 15(11)

Elder Abuse in Aotearoa: The role and current state of MSD’s Elder Abuse Response Services
- Ministry of Social Development

This is not my home: A collection of perspectives on the provision of aged residential care without consent
- New Zealand Human Right Commission Te Kāhui Tika Tangata

Elder Harm and Restorative Practices: A Literature Review
- Victoria University Wellington

Attitudes towards ageing. Technical Report
- Office for Seniors Te Tari Kaumātua

Measuring Elder Abuse in New Zealand: Findings from the New Zealand Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NZLSA)
- Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit
Towards gaining a greater understanding of Elder Abuse and Neglect in New Zealand - Office for Seniors Te Tari Kaumātua

Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention. Chapter 21 in
Elder Law in New Zealand - Thomson Reuters

Financial abuse of older people in New Zealand
- Institute of Policy Studies. Victoria University. Working Paper 11/10

2010 and earlier
Keeping older people safe by preventing elder abuse and neglect
- 2009.  Social policy Journal of New Zealand 35: 159-172
Elder abuse and neglect: Exploration of risk and protective factors - 2008.  Families Commission
Elder abuse and neglect prevention: Challenges for the future - 2007.  Age Concern New Zealand
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A Review of Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Services in New Zealand - 2004.  Light-shed Research & Evaluation
Promoting the Rights and Well-Being of Older People and Those who Care for Them - 1992.  Age Concern New Zealand

International reports on elder abuse

Five ways older women are affected by the pandemic UN Women. Women Count. 11 March
Increased Elder Abuse is An Unintended Consequence of COVID-19 Pandemic in India. LSE South Asia Centre. 8 March
Prevalence of Violence Perpetrated by healthcare workers in Long-Term Care: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2022 19 (04)2357
Travesty of Life Elders Abuse an Inquiry of Physical and Psychological Abuse Ageing International. January 15


A scoping review of outcomes in elder abuse intervention research: current landscape and where to go next
- Aggression and Violent Behaviour 57 (March-April)
Global report on ageism - World Health Organisation (WHO) 18 March

Adult Mistreatment report 2019
- Administration for Community Living, Administration on Aging, Dept of health & Human Services USA
Advances in Elder Abuse Research: Practice, Legislation and Policy. International Perspective on Aging - Springer Nature Switzerland
COVID-19 and residential care facilities: issues and concerns identified by the international network prevention of elder abuse (INPEA) - The Journal of Adult Protection.  22 (6) 385-389
Finding a Silver Lining: Insights from an expansive study into Australia’s response to Covid-19 - Global Center for Modern Aging
Harmful effects of ageism on older persons’ health found in 45 countries - YaleNews, Health and Medicine 15 January

Aging and Dying in Prison: An Investigation into the Experiences of Older Individuals in Federal Custody - The Corrections Investigator. Canadian Commission Human Rights
Interventions to Reduce Ageism Against Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis - American Journal of Public Health.  August

Elder Abuse in Rural & Remote Communities: Social Policy, Prevention and Responses
- Curtin University. Older Persons Advocacy Network
Nature and prevalence of elder abuse in the Netherlands. Summary. - Regioplan.  Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing
Shifting perceptions: towards a rights-based approach to ageing - European Union Agency for Fundamental Human Rights

An assessment of interventions that target risk factors for elder abuse
- Health and Social Care in the Community 25 (5) 1532-1541
Review of OPAN elder abuse advocacy and prevention programs: Final report - Older Person’s Advocacy Network Ltd. Australia
The prevalence and correlates of elder abuse and neglect in a rural community of Negeri Sembilan state: baseline findings from The Malaysian Elder Mistreatment Project (MAESTRO), a population-based survey
- BMJ Open 7(8) 17-25
Elder abuse prevalence in community settings: a systematic review and meta-analysis - The Lancet, 5 (2), 147-156
Consequences of Elder Abuse and Neglect: A Systematic Review of Observational Studies
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Elder Abuse: Understanding issues, frameworks and responses.
  - Australian Institute of Family Studies.  Research Report No 35 
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A community capacity framework for enhancing a criminal justice response to elder abuse
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Survivors in the Margins. The invisibility of violence against older women - Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect 27 (4-5) 291-302

Attitudes about Aging: A Global Perspective. In a rapidly graying world, Japanese worried, Americans aren’t
- Pew Research Centre.  Washington DC, USA
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Framing abuse: explaining the incidence, perpetration and intervention in elder abuse
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Elder abuse an international perspective: exploring the context of elder abuse
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Understanding elder abuse: a social rights perspective
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Elder abuse and neglect in Ireland: results from a national prevalence survey
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Elder abuse research: A systematic review
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European report on preventing elder maltreatment - World Health Organisation, Europe
Under the Radar: New York State Elder Abuse Prevalence Study - Weill Cornell Medical Center of Cornell University. New York City Department for the Aging

2010 and earlier
Abuse and neglect of older people in Ireland: report on the national study of elder abuse and neglect
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