World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Global Campaign

Since 2006 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is acknowledged on June 15 in many countries. Publicity puts the spotlight on elder abuse, and older people’s rights  to live free from exploitation and abuse.

We have a treasure trove of research (international and national) for you to read, publish and share with your community. Knowledge will help us to combat elder abuse!

Our Campaign: Elder Abuse Hits Close to Home 

Age Concern New Zealand raises awareness of elder abuse during our Elder Abuse Awareness Week (15-22 June) kicking off with World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15 June every year.

We bring attention to the exploitation of older people by running a public awareness campaign and events to talk about how harmful elder abuse is, and how older people are hurt most often by those they know and trust. 

Our theme is 'Elder Abuse Hits Close to Home.' - It is a myth that most elder abuse occurs outside of the home, and this year we want to bring elder abuse out of the shadows.

FACT: 79% of alleged abusers are family members.
FACT: 56% of the alleged abusers are adult children or grandchildren

As a county we have an appalling track record keeping older people safe from elder abuse and that leaves a horrific impact on older adult’s lives. We all have a duty to protect the rights of older people to make their own decisions and choices. But many of us do not, especially with our own family members.

How can we all take actions to prevent “Elder Abuse Hitting Close to Home”?

Get an enduring power of attorney (EPA)  -  Many people assume that if they lose the ability to make decisions for themselves, their partner or a close relative will legally be able to make decisions for them. In fact, the law doesn’t work like that.
So this year have a conversation around how an enduring power of attorney can be safely allocated to a trusted person or organisation. An enduring power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to plan for the future. It is crucial that you trust the person and are confident that they will act in your best interests.

Report it

If you want more information about EPA’s or suspect and older person is not being treated well or want to report abuse to your local Age Concern, please free phone 0800 65 2 105. You can also call the government helpline EA IS NOT OK.

Get involved

During the week of 15-22 June, local Age Concerns around New Zealand run events and activitiesYou can find more information about our elder abuse and neglect prevention services, or contact your local Age Concern to see what services they provide in your area. 

If you suspect and an older person is not being treated well or want to report abuse, please call either the elder abuse helpline 0800 EA IS NOT OK or freephone Age Concern 0800 65 2 105 for free and confidential support.

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