What is social connection

What does social connection mean?

Social connection means the social ties that we have with other people. It is a broad term that includes things like getting together with others, having others we can rely on for support, or feeling that we belong and are valued. We can experience these different types of social connection with family and friends, in our workplaces and neighbourhoods, or as members of a group or club. 

Human beings evolved to be social as a way of surviving, and social connection continues to be vital to our health and wellbeing. If we lack social connection, or if the contact we do have with others is not meeting our emotional needs, it affects our physical and mental health. Just as hunger or thirst are signals that we need to find food or water, feeling lonely is a sign that we need to care for ourselves by seeking more social connection.

Visit the Let’s End Loneliness website for information on loneliness and on ways to build social connection.