Business Giving

Giving is good for business

We know that giving makes us feel good and that is true for businesses too. Staff feel good when they know their workplace values giving back to the community they operate in.

We are proud to have so many business supporters helping with our goals:
1. Create strong, caring, connected communities.
2. Identify and implement strategies which support older adults to live well for longer. 
3. Increase older peoples’ use of technology.  
4. Establish a national Information hub for older New Zealanders, member organisations and politicians and policy-makers.
5. Become a financially sustainable organisation. 
We would love to talk to your organisation about opportunities to partner in the future so please contact our Manager Fundraising, Communications and Marketing, Natasha Muir [email protected] or call 0800 65 2 105 to organise a time to meet and discuss what we can do together.


Business Giving Report (2013)