Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention

At A Glance

Age Concern has been active in raising awareness about elder abuse and neglect from the 1980’s.  Since then, we have been instrumental in supporting older people experiencing abuse in New Zealand.  Our services and the information we provide, shows the value our work has across Aotearoa.

FACT: We investigate an average of 10 new cases every workday.

Local Age Concerns offer free, confidential, and professional services throughout most regions of New Zealand.  We work with older people and their family to reduce abuse and improve safety.  Age Concerns support, advise, explain, and work in practical ways to stop harm caused to kaumātua.

We raise concerns in the public and policy arena to encourage all New Zealanders to step up to recognise elder abuse in our communities.  As we share more information , families and communities can help to keep older members safe.  We encourage anyone to contact us as soon as they have an inkling that something may be going wrong for an older person.

You can ring us 0800 65 2 105 for advice or contact the nearest Age Concern Elder Abuse Response Service .

Age Concerns often work alongside other agencies like health services, needs assessment services, police, banks, residential care facilities, iwi social services and many other community agencies.  Working together helps to get the best outcome for older people. Each year we gather the statistics from all the Age Concerns that have Elder Abuse Response Services to create these ‘At A Glance’ infographics to show the value of our service:

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