How can I volunteer?

There are many ways you can volunteer for Age Concern. Find your nearest Age Concern and ask what they offer or read about options on our Volunteer Page

I am worried about an older person, who can I talk to?

Find the nearest Age Concern to where the older person lives by entering their post code on our locator – they will help you and to talk through your concerns and options.

If it is an emergency please call 111.

We have more information and resources on our elder abuse page.

My mother/father/aunty needs help, who do I ask about getting some for her at home?

To be assessed for help at home a referral needs to go to the local Needs Assessment Service. Usually the GP practice can help with this, but if there are barriers to having an assessment completed a local Age Concern may be able to advocate.

How do I apply for discounted taxis? (Total Mobility Scheme)?

Find your nearest Age Concern to ask for more local information

Who can help me choose a rest home or retirement village?

Find your nearest Age Concern to ask about local accommodation information. You could also use the Village Finder on the Retirement Village Association website, find your Local Branch of the Aged Care Association

check Eldernet for options

Where do I find more information about rest home subsidies?

You can call or visit your your nearest Age Concern for information on rest home subsidies. You may also like to contact Seniorline on 0800 725 463 or by email [email protected]

What SuperGold Card discounts are available in my area?

Read up about news and discounts our SuperGold Card page.

What are the current rates for New Zealand Superannuation?

Check out our page on Superannuation and Entitlements.

How do I set up an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)?

We have all the information and links to forms on our Enduring Power of Attorney page. And you can contact your nearest Age Concern for general assistance with EPAs.

If you need legal advice, contact a solicitor, your local Community Law Centre or Citizens' Advice Bureau.

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