Superannuation and entitlements

Superannuation and Veterans’ Pension

The New Zealand Superannuation scheme is a pension available to most New Zealand residents when they turn 65. The Veteran’s Pension is available to those who have served and who have turned 65. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you will continue receiving fortnightly Super payments. You can find out more about how much you are entitled to and which tax codes you need to use here.
If you have worked overseas, you may be eligible to receive a pension from another country, which you must declare when you apply for NZ Super. You should contact the Ministry of Social Development to understand how this will affect your eligibility.
You can receive Super payments even if you continue to work after you reach 65. Your income combined with your Super payments may be taxed differently, and you can check this on the Work and Income website.
If you are nearing 65, you can begin your application to receive Super. You can do this online through MyMSD or by clicking here.

Other social welfare benefits

There are other benefits that you may qualify for depending on your circumstance. These can be used to top up your income on top of your Super or Veteran’s Pension if you require more financial assistance. These benefits include:

You can find more information and apply for these benefits by finding your local Service Centre. The Ministry of Social Development also has a Senior Services section of their website that you can visit here.

Other programmes for limited incomes

There are other programmes available to help those over 65 or those who are on limited incomes. These include:

Websites of interest

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